params of yAssetParams -> (list(op), storage upd)

Add token to protocol and mints related yToken token for caller.

Underlying token must be approved before calling this operation for an amount

The yToken contract expects that underlying token info of tokenId is updated by calling PriceFeed.getPrice and updateInterest in the same block before this contract method.


type yAssetParams       is [@layout:comb] record [
  tokenId                 : nat; // yToken token Id
  amount                  : nat; // amount of underlying token to send to Yupana



yToken identifier



amount of underlying token to be sent to protocol


const tokenId = 0; // or new BigNumber(0) or "0"
const amount = 10_000_000; // or new BigNumber(10_000_000) or "10000000"
const yupana = await;
const proxy = await;
const batchArray = [
        kind: "transaction",
        kind: "transaction",
        kind: "transaction",, amount).toTransferParams(),
const batch = await tezos.wallet.batch(batchArray);
const operation = await batch.send();
await operation.confirmation();


  • token/cant-get-contract-token - FA12 token contract address does not contain transfer entrypoint from FA12 interface.

  • token/cant-get-contract-fa2-token - FA2 token contract address does not contain transfer entrypoint from FA2 interface.

  • underflow/liquidity - reserves - liquidity more than reserves.

  • yToken/amount-is-zero - passed zero amount.

  • yToken/need-update - token price and interest not updated (see warning above)

  • yToken/yToken-undefined - token identifier is not assigned to any known yTokens.

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