nat -> op(InterestRate.getBorrowRate) -> op(yToken.accrueInterest)

Updates interest rates for passed tokenId by call InterestRate contract. Expect callback to accrueInterest.

This and PriceFeed.getPrice methods should be called before Lending methods call in the same block.


type tokenId of nat // yToken tokenId related to market


const tokenId = 0; // or new BigNumber(0) or "0"
const yupana = await tezos.contract.at(yTokenAddress);
const operation = await yupana.methods.updateInterest(tokenId).send();
await operation.confirmation();


  • yToken/yToken-undefined - token identifier is not assigned to any known yTokens.

  • yToken/cant-get-interestRate-contract(getBorrowRate) - couldn't find getBorrowRate entrypoint of interestRate contact address.

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